Graduate Business Education for Physicians

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Class Schedule

Healthcare Leadership and Management Curriculum

The curriculum consists of nine residential classes which meet in Dallas in focused, 4-day sessions–Saturday through Tuesday.  A different class is offered every two months, and classes may be started at any time and taken in any order. Successful completion of the healthcare curriculum is recognized by the award of a Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership & Management.


December 2-5
Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations


February 3-6
Medical Cost and Performance Management

April 7-10
Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations

June 2-5
Skills and Competencies of Effective Physician Leaders

August 4-7
Negotiation and Conflict Management in Healthcare

September 23-28
Healthcare Policy and Regulation (Washington, DC)

December 1-4
Healthcare Information Management and Technology


Online General Business Curriculum

The Healthcare Management Executive MBA requires completion of the nine residential healthcare classes plus an additional six online general business classes.  The online classes may be started at any time after beginning the healthcare classes and require no on-campus visits. 

Spring Semester

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management

Summer Semester

  • Global Business
  • Business Economics

Fall Semester

  • Operations Management
  • Quantitative Methods